Nehemiah Project

The Church in America is in a transition.

What worked in prior decades is not having positive effects today.

The purpose of the Nehemiah Project is: to connect pastors and church leaders with other leaders to promote open discussion about creating journeys that will impact the Kingdom of God.

The Nehemiah Project is designed to seek God’s intervention and to embolden us to act according to His will.

To accomplish this goal, the Nehemiah Project is based upon two dimension

  • spiritual formation
  • practical skills for ministry facilitated by experienced leaders

Within the Nehemiah Project we will seek to develop a safe and judgment-free zone where our goal is to create a sanctuary—a safe place—where we can share, “I tried this and it didn’t work.” Essentially, a Planet Fitness for church leaders.

Robert Schnase states “In today’s era there are no experts, only practitioners.”

Together we will encourage bold experimentations while we learn from each other.

Nehemiah faced an impossible task: broken walls, piles of rubble, strong opposition, a discouraged people. After four months of prayer and 52 days of labor, God worked through Nehemiah and the people to accomplish this task.

Today there still is brokenness, opposition and discouragement around us. How do we deal with this? How do we accomplish the task of building the Kingdom today?


  • We are not promising you a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all program.
  • We seek to develop you deeper as a follower of Jesus who will develop others.
  • We want to deepen your Kingdom awareness and mission focus.
  • We want you to join a conversation that starts a journey of renewal within the church and the country.


Anyone who has a heart for kingdom impact, especially pastors and key church leaders. For more information contact Pastor Dave Williams.