ERC Property Task Force

ERC Property Task Force

A group assigned by the Church Health Commission to give oversight of the Properties of the Eastern Regional Conference; (ERC).

  • To support the various churches with permission to build, remodel, purchase or sell.
  • To give approval for the conference, churches, and ministries connected to the ERC, to rent / lease buildings for use in the ministries across the conference.
  • To encourage the conference, churches, others that may purchase, remodel, or sell property to make sure that all ministries of the conference have updated deeds, and titles written to protect the ERC from questions of ownership, so that properties can’t be taken over by other groups, causing the loss of property that has been a part of the ERC.

ERC Property Task Force has the responsibility to give the conference, churches, ministries ofthe ERC, permission to ask for a loan from the Home Mission Council, Local Banks, Credit Unions, etc.

ERC Property Task Force will remind the conference, churches, ministries of the ERC, that any group considering closing their ministry, can not sell any property and give the funds received to members of the congregation or any individual.
Federal law says that when the property is sold, or given away. The proceeds or property must be given to a non-profit group that is certified under a 501 C.

Properties of a non-profit group may be sold for the purpose of paying salaries, bills, taxes, etc, that have not been paid during the normal operation of the ministry.

Any funds that are left after the closing of the conference, churches, or ministries of the ERC must be given to the ERC, or to the General Conference of the Churches of God, (CGGC).

ERC Property Task Force wants to do all that we can to protect the conference, churches, and ministries from putting themselves in a position that would compromise the work of the Kingdom of God.

  • We want the work of the kingdom to go forward, not backward.
  • We want everyone to feel that we are here to help your ministries, not harm them.

We pray for you. Please pray for us too. When we work together, the work is easier.
Questions??  Contact Pastor Dave Williams.