Colleen S. Gross


Colleen Gross is a native Pennsylvanian with a God-given passion to teach and model whole-life Generosity through noticing others. In April of 2019, through a Gospel-centered life design process called Younique, Colleen discovered her two word life call:  Noticing Brokenness.  In the summer of 2021, God called her to step out in faith and accept the position of Director of Pastoral Family Health to intentionally care for pastors and families in the Region.  Colleen’s passion for people and her love of Christ will lead her in this new role as the Holy Spirit directs her to those needing His love, compassion, and care.

During her tenure as Conference Treasurer, Colleen had redefined “Treasurer Reporting” at the Conference level. Delegates to its annual Conference actually look forward to her reports. They were object lessons really – which deal, not so much with bean counting, but with building a deeper faith relationship with God and illustrating how He uses people and money for Kingdom purposes. Colleen has been instrumental in planting two churches within the Churches of God. Colleen’s passion for teaching about generosity has led her to become a facilitator for Overflow Experience Retreats.  Partnering with Generous Church, this life-changing process will teach you about whole-life generosity which is an overflowing life released to God for others.  Generous Church envisions a church full of people like Jesus overflowing with care and concern for others. It is the Gospel.  She’d love to facilitate an Experience for your ministry.

Colleen lives in Highspire, Pennsylvania with her sweet Dad, Wayne Shank. She has three children: Hunter (who is married to Megan), Rachael (who is married to Steve Gore) and Olivia (who is married to Eric Flick).   She’s in love with her five grandchildren, Maxwell, Miles, & Montgomery Gross & Charlotte & Cassidy Gore!  She has a full of life English Cream Retriever, Ivory.   Colleen exhibits the gift of hospitality and at any given moment will share what she knows about a really good cup of coffee!