Pastor Nate Buck

Nathan and his wife Alison have been in ministry together since 1998, and she has been both an integral partner to his work, as well as a leader where God has called her. They are excited to serve Jesus with the ERC and follow His command to make disciples.

Nathan is passionate about helping people know God’s Word, discover their design, and accomplish their calling.  He has 16 years as a marketplace minister in staffing and recruiting for multinational clients.  During that time he consulted and coached managers for staffing their teams (from entry level to senior leadership positions), recruited individuals for roles in skilled trades, sales, engineering, supply chain, human resources, strategy, legal, etc., and trained/coached team members in the US, China, India, and Singapore.  Being a marketplace minister started alongside of church planting in Ohio where Nathan was the Lead/Founding Pastor of The Catalyst Church, for 11 years.  Within a small community of believers, he developed leaders for each ministry area, established the first Elder team, and cultivated a teaching team of 5 who would preach each quarter.  While at The Catalyst Church, Nathan also served on the GLC Pastoral Leadership Commission for credentialing and accountability/restoration processes.

In 2012, Nathan and his family returned to the ERC on sabbatical.  They were lead to Exponential Church to provide support for leadership, teaching, music team, and children’s ministry.  Since 2015, Nathan has also served on the Multiplication Commission and the Administrative Council for the ERC, and has been actively engaged in discerning God’s leading to discover, develop, and deploy disciplemakers as Jesus commanded.

Nathan owns and runs a hobby business in ceramics, and uses his art to help people consider that they are made in the image of God, infused with His design and purpose.  He also helped found and co-leads a local community of Disc Golfers, and enjoys the life building conversations that happen on and off the course.  A warm cup of coffee/tea, good conversation, and/or a round of disc golf are always a welcome invitation to connect.


More info:

Surrendered to Jesus: May 1992 – Caring Community Church (Hummelstown, PA)

Credentials:  Ordained  2000.

ERC Service:  Administrative Council 2019 – 2021.  Multiplication Commission  2015 –  present.

GLC  Service: Pastoral Leadership Commission   2006 – 2012.

Congregational Service: Exponential Church (Hbg) – Teaching Pastor (2016 -2021); The  Catalyst  Church  – Founding/Lead Pastor (Findlay, OH) 2000 – 2012;  Crosspoint Church –  Planter in Residence  (Findlay, OH) 2000-2001.

Special Projects:  We Believe  – writer (selected sections) and content review 2010 – 2012;   Missional  Leadership Initiative –  pilot group  2009 –  2011.

TMBC Standout Strengths: advisor, influencer, equalizer, pioneer, provider, connector

Enjoys: Disc Golf, tea, pottery, being outdoors, exploring new things, finding creative solutions, building/making things, helping people take their next steps, and fireside chats.



Ph: 717.574.2323