Our Mission and Purpose

The Pastoral Family Health Commission is…

a “work in progress.” It exists to help pastors, pastoral staff members and their spouses and families experience health personally, spiritually, relationally, mentally and emotionally.

According to the Eastern Regional Constitution “This commission will seek to improve the effectiveness and health of pastoral leaders in the Conference. The Pastoral Family Health Commission will seek to encourage and develop pastors for effective ministry through pastoral care and counsel, resourcing, mentoring and coaching and if needed professional counseling. The Commission shall have authority to set guidelines and policies to further define and execute its mission, subject to the approval of the Administrative Council.

The heart of the pastor and his or her family is the ultimate concern of the Pastoral Family Health Commission. Therefore we intend to provide Preventative Care, Crisis Care and Restorative Care through the following means: counseling, support, intervention and restoration and discipleship.

The ultimate concern of this Commission is the condition of the pastor’s heart!