Dare 2 Dream

Dare 2 Dream

What is D2D?

It is a renewal process developed by the Church Health Commission to help churches discover God’s dream for His church.

What does D2D do?

It provides a one-year journey coordinating the resources of the Church Health Commission and your church leadership. This journey will provide 4 action steps to help discover and carry out God’s dream for your church.

Should you choose to go on the D2D journey, the Church Health Commission will lead you through 4 action steps over a series of 6 meetings (on average). The Commission will also offer specified training that will deepen your understanding of the current state of your congregation and its ministry.

The 4 Action Steps

PRAYER – We will direct the church to gather for 40 days of prayer in Prayer Triplets. At the conclusion of the 40 days we will come together to hear what God has said to each of the triplet groups. (see a sample)

DISCOVER the history and culture of the church and community – We will ask your congregation specific questions to gain an understanding of who you are. You will also be directed to into your community to discover its main needs.

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PLAN one ministry activity – Taking what you heard from God during the prayer action step along with what you learned during the discovery action step, we will help you plan and implement a ministry to help meet a current need within the community. This ministry will have an evangelistic component.

REVIEW and Evaluate the Process At least one member of the Church Health Commission will guide your congregation through these four action steps. In addition to this consulting work, we will also offer training events for the whole congregation and coaching for the pastor. Our desire is to be a friend. In other words we want to get to know you well enough that we can offer suggestions for change. For this to be effective at least 20% of the congregation will need to participate in the D2D team. These will be the people who will dream God-sized dreams and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit see the dream become reality.

We look forward to coming alongside of you to see what God is doing in your community and how we can join Him to further His mission through the local church! If you are interested in finding out more information, contact Pastor Dave Williams.