Spring Theological Study Day @ Doubling Gap Center
May 20 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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2019 Fall Theological Study Day
Monday, October 7, 2019
At Doubling Gap Center
Presenter:Dr. Ruth Anne Reese

Dr. Ruth Anne Reese is Professor of New
Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary.
Reese is also the Chair of the New Testament
Department at Asbury Seminary and serves
on the board of the Institute for Biblical
Research. Since 2006, she has served as the
Chair for the Formation and Student
Committee, which oversees the faculty’s role
in the Christian Formation of students at
Asbury Seminary. She received the Beeson
Chair of Biblical Studies in 2013.

Theme for the Day:
The Household of God
Studies from 1 Peter

ERC PRAYER RETREAT @ Doubling Gap Center - Camp YoliJwa
Oct 21 – Oct 22 all-day