As you are aware, we are in a time of transition in the Eastern Regional Conference. We are currently searching for our next Executive Director. The Administrative Council has appointed a committee to oversee this search process and bring a recommendation to the Council.

The initial discussions have been completed, and we are ready to receive resumes and applications for the position of Executive Director. We ask all of you to be in prayer over this process. Those who sense a leading from the Lord to apply for this position are asked to respond with an application and the requested supporting documents.

An application and job description may be found by click on the links. As noted on the application, priority will be given to applications received on or before April 15, 2018. Applications may be submitted to Pastor Jim Moss, Jr. at staffing@erccog.org. If there any questions about the position, please call 717-547-9470. Thank you.

James W. Moss, Jr.,
Interim Executive Director